How to live as a villain ch 94

How to live as a villain ch 94

How to live as a villain ch 94

The fights in How to Live As A Villain Manhwa are unstoppable. After the two tied matches, Sunghoon finally suffered defeat as Mi Rinae was completely destroyed by Father. How to live as a villain ch 94

While it was a pleasant surprise to see Mi Rinae thrust into the spotlight in the final chapter, her defeat only made fans uneasy as there are rarely people in manhwa who can match her power.

Now that he has suffered defeat, Sunghoon prepares for the next fight, hoping to beat his father to even things up.

This battle is sure to be exciting, so be prepared not to miss Chapter 94 of How to Live As A Villain! Now let’s look at the fight between Mi Rinae and father from the previous chapter.How to live as a villain ch 94

Mi Rinae prepares for battle, even though her stats have been reduced by 30 percent due to the curse. Father asks Rinae for permission to speak and then asks her if she believes in God.

She says that it is thanks to the gods that they exist in this world. Dad laughs and asks the question again, rewording it. He asks her if she believes in Jesus, but Rinae refuses.How to live as a villain ch 94

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How to live like a villain
Mi Rinae in action CC: Naver

How To Live Like A Villain Chapter 93: Summary

How to live as a villain ch 94

Vader gets a little sad and says that after the battle he will spend some time trying to convert them. Rinae goes on the offensive and rushes to attack Father, but he easily blocks the attack despite the large gap it leaves. He grins and says that he will now become more serious and activate many of his abilities, greatly increasing his attack abilities.

Rinae attacks father, but he can easily dodge all the attacks and so she asks him about the power of his dagger. Father replies that the dagger is his most prized possession. Rinae realizes that he is repelling her attacks with divine energy.

The best she can do at this point is shake his barrier a bit while avoiding the speed boost he received. Vader praises Rinae for holding on this long, saying that even though she’s weak, she’s still fast, but he still warns her that resisting is useless.

How to live like a villain
Rinae vs Father CC: Naver
Rinae challenges Dad for pretending all the time and asks him if he can really attack. Vader accepts this challenge and activates his Holy Arrow. The arrow spread across the field and many of them pierced Rinae, but suddenly she disappears and appeared behind father.

Vader grows wary of their ploy and Rinae asks him if he’s trying to turn the battle around by turning it into a war of attrition. Vader replies that it’s the only way he can win and tells her he doesn’t want to kill her, so it’s better to stop fighting.

Meanwhile, Yihyun and Sunghoon discuss the fight and Yihyun calls the father a cultist because a true saint would never try to deceive others and prove himself through his actions.

Yihyun says the situation looks worse, but Sunghoon replies that Yihyun doesn’t know Mi Rinae’s most terrible abilities and that she hasn’t revealed half of her true abilities yet.

How to live like a villain
Father CC: Naver
Vader asks Rinae if she wants to continue the fight and she agrees saying she understands the whole situation now.

She rushes to attack and immediately breaks his barrier. Vader is confused because he’s supposed to be faster than Rinae, but somehow he’s slowed down. Rinae believes that their father has combat experience, but lacks swordsmanship. Sunghoon smiles as she sees that Mi Rinae is currently ten steps ahead, meaning she will win this round.

Father does something unexpected and exposes himself to attacks. Mi Rinae takes the opportunity to strike him and slit his throat, but as soon as her sword comes in, he holds her hand and knocks her unconscious with one blow.

Sunghoon is shocked by this sudden turn of events and wonders what abilities their father has. Meanwhile, Father picks up Rinae, believing that he had to resort to his resurrection skills to defeat them, but he would have lost,

How to Survive as a Villain Chapter 94: Without thinking, the lily is beautiful.

How to live as a villain ch 94

Princess Yongning sighed and handed over a clean, plain white cloth. “

Xiao Yuan looked at Princess Yongning silently, seemed to try to understand her words, and then slowly nodded, “Oh… yes, good.”

Princess Yongning was helpless, and he took the cream-colored jade in front of him and put it back in Xiao Yu’an’s hand.

Xiao Yu’an had to put his palm in his palm, but he did not tense his palm. Suddenly the car was pushed and the package was about to roll onto the ground. Xiao Yuan flashed his light, took the five fingers and held them tightly in his hand. Finally, Xiao Yuan sighed and took a small piece of white cloth wrapped with pieces of jade in his arms and placed it with the red sleeves and Zhao Gonggong’s relics.

Determined to let go, let go, let go and sing sorrow and joy. How can I expect to read it later?

Decades later, a small town on the Norrland border introduced three Horseshoe Dada carriages.

Xiaofeng Yueyu curtain entered the carriage of Xiao Yu’an and the two princesses: “Three little masters, the city is here, let’s take a break.”

Things are human and nature’s name must be changed.

Xiao Yuan and Xiao Pingyang nodded, Yongning Princess smiled: “Well, thank you, Feng Yue, brother.”

Everyone thought that this princess, who had not yet left the palace, would not get used to this violent day. Who knows, Yongning has never been on the shelf, even if he was once called millennium, he did not look down on Yang Liuan and Xiao Fengyue, but only called her two brothers, the first time he called Yang Liu An Liu An brother, but he scared also almost this former guard.

Everyone found a restaurant and got ready to rest and rest for a while.

Xiao Er sees this pedestrian as a young man with an extraordinary appearance. He couldn’t resist the curiosity. As he poured the tea, he came and asked, “Where are the guests, where are you going?”

Princess Yongning listened to Yang Liu’an and Hurricane Moon on the way and said that the small villages in the mountains and rivers were used to it. They were asked and answered, “Go to Taoyuan Village, at the intersection of the four countries.”

Xiao Pingyang took a meal with his hand, and after his lips were slightly dazed, he continued to eat with his own eyes.

“Oh, isn’t it about the battlefield in front of us?” As if sipping his appetite, Xiaoji said with a wink and an eyebrow: “The host official also knows that Northland and South Yanguo fought just outside the city.

“I also listened to what others said. I heard there was a madman in there. I turn over the corpse every day and don’t know what I’m looking for!” Xiao Er said in a low voice: “Just as I finished, I was squatted down by the cashier.” The ear works.

Some thought it strange to talk about it, but it did not touch their hearts.

How to live as a villain ch 94

After the filling meal, Xiao Pingyang suddenly raised Princess Yongning’s hand and said that she wanted to go shopping with her in this small town. Princess Yongning agreed to come down happily.

Yang Liuan and Xiao Fengyue went to feed the horse. Xiao Yu’an and some of Xiqiao’s sister-in-law’s young guards were drinking tea.

As a result, the tea did not fall for half a cup. Suddenly, Yongning’s princess came back and pulled Xiao Yu’an out. Xiao Pingyang was also standing in front of the restaurant. , looks at her calmly.

Princess Yongning pulled up Xiao Yin’s sleeve and said hesitantly, “Brother, I’m going to Xiqiao.”

Feeling uncomfortable, Xiao Yu’an immediately reacted.

This is the border in the north, Xiao Pingyang should go west, and Princess Yongning naturally wants to go with her. Although the women and women are with Xiao Yuan, the original party, it is too shocking, but if they get along, how can they feel magic, they should have accepted it.

Xiao Yuan reached out to disturb the Yongning Princess and smiled gently, “Be careful and take care of yourself. If you are alone in Xiqiao, if you are bullied…”

“Be bullied?” Xiao Pingyang raised his eyebrows. “If you want to die, it’s no longer fun to go down the well

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